Dog of Thunder

Friday, December 01, 2006

Keith Olbermann

I remember watching Keith on ESPN what seems like an eternity ago. I thought he was funny, a great sprotscaster, and the one guy at ESPN that gave a great punch line (with that patented stop..........then the punch line). I vaguely remember his stint at CNN/SI channel (was that the name of that now defunct channel?), and then his appearance (and subsequent disappearance from MSNBC).

He has been back with MSNBC for a while now, and pretty much solidified his position in the broadcasting firmament as an old-school style anchor (remember John Chancellor/David Brinkley?). His nightly smackdowns of the wrong-wing nut jobs (O'Lielly, Newt, Rita "my balls just dropped" Cosby, Michelle Maladroit) brings back to the MSM the "balance" that Faux news claims as their fiefdom.

Some of the best smackdowns have been reserved for the Chimp Executive, however, he laid into Newt last night over Newt's call for a redressing of the First Amendment, you know, that pesky part of the Bill of Rights that is barely still legible (Abu G. still can't figure out why he can't erase it). The video is here courtesy of Crooks and Liars (indispensible blog). Go watch and enjoy, I'll wait.

As for Keith, keep doing what you do, whether at MSNBC or not, I'll always know where to look by the following the outrage meter in the land of Wingnuttia.

*Editors note: The chornology of Keith's comings and goings are not accurate, as today is a work day, I did not have time to dig into it. Sue me!

Friday, November 10, 2006

You are so gonna be my


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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shell Shock

Or in other words, unfuckingbelievable! Dems take over both houses! It seems that the Chimp Executive is feeling a little heat (he figured he could fight off conviction, but now he may be seriously screwed). Alas, as usual the ass-hats who support that dumbfuck will scream bloody fucking murder about how it would be unfair to impeach that missing link (and since no BJ was involved, they may have a point) because he commited high crimes and misdemeanors (lying, trying to re-write the constitution, on & on........).

Perhaps this is the season to forgive and forget, uh, not. The Rehypocrites have over the past 26 years practiced scorched earth whenever they lose, well, let them them try and live off of that scorched earth. When I was younger, I used to have to work in the garden in the summertime (I grew up in the Smokey Mountains, and you needed a garden to survive becuase there really was many job opportunities in the region). Every year in the fall we would gather all of the dead organic matter from the garden and burn it. Fire is necessary part of nature, it replenishes the soil with nutrients and makes way for new growth in forests. Sorry, rambling a little, anyway, the scorched earth that was once Congress, will hopefully give new life (and I pray to God, Buddha, JC or the universe) and a spine to do the necessary difficult work ahead.

Oh well, it's late, I'm in a sucky hotel and I miss my wife. Hopefully she'll read this and laugh at my sophmoric humor and pedestrian vocabulary.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First vlog

We got some video of two of the furrkids mixing it up the other morning. :) Logan's usually more aggressive than this; apparently this particularly morning he just wanted to lay there pointy-side-up:

Monday, January 30, 2006

Born on the Fourth

I just caught in passing the scene in Born on the Fourth of July where Kovach is at the 1972 Republican Convention, and the Chickenhawks are shouting him down, calling him a traitor, coward, and some other vile words that people who have never seen combat (or been in a fight for that matter). Hell, I've never been in combat, but one thing I know to my core, is that I would never ever call a combat veteran a coward or traitor (the latter is subject to any deviation from the troop committing an act of treason, such as selling secrets, etc).

I (as well as everyone out there) should prepare for this as the next round of conventions begin in 2008. Because we know all those patriots at home, guarding the Depends factory so they have an ample supply should the draft be re-instated. I say it's past time to do start drafting these assholes. You want glory? You want to be a hero? Well step on up! America needs you (well, only for the purpose of being a target) to put country before self, and all eyes are on the fightin' KB Brigade. Hell you can train together as a unit (I wouldn't lead a unit as FUBAR as that one would be). I would suggest that you all rent or purchase Full Metal Jacket the seminal Kubrick film which followed the movement of one Pvt. Joker, and his brief encounter in boot camp with a deranged doughnut eating Private Pyle (aka Jonah Goldberg). And no, watching the movie does not count as combat time.

Actually, on second thought, keep those shit-birds as far away from Iraq as possible. It's fucked up enough.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Slobbin the Knob

Tweety's at it again, I swear that clown is THE biggest media whore (speaking of, Oh MWO, Where Art Thou?) out there. He's currently schlobbin on George Allen (it's really fuckin' embarassing), and basically wetttin' his pants. Didn't he make fun of the movie Golden GlobeĀ® Winner Brokeback Mountain calling it Brokeback Mounting?

It seems he getting mounted as I write this. Jesus Haliburton Christ (he of the republican persuasion), shouldn't someone call the AFA, SpongeDob, or any of those other "we hate gays and brown people? I mean this has to violate some FCC rule.

Anyway, the only Hardball Matthews knows is when he's taking it from Mehlman.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Band of Brothers

It's about time! I found this over at DU and that's all I could say. After the attacks on Cleland and Kerry, someone is finally going to call the "Party of Security" to the carpet. Additionally, they also cite the Bushites attack against McCain, and how it is downright shameful (or treacherous) how any veteran is smeared by Rove & Co., which means they are serious about defending veterans who choose to run against Bush and his ilk. Don't get me wrong, I think McCain is an ass-hat (I went to college with his Chief-of-Staff btw) and would not make a good or even fair Commander-in-Chief (because we're at war, remember?) because of his capitulation and backing of Bush.

Anyway, get the news out about this organization, and let's send them some coin so that they can expend some rounds at the Swifties!